Harry Potter mark

International Harry Potter Day that is also known as “The Anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts”. One battle scarred fan deftly turned his wounds into a badge of honour. Buzzfeed article “A Mom Turned Her Self-Conscious Son’s Cut Into A Magical Lightning Bolt” reports:

  • “Ayden had an unfortunate fall last Tuesday night. He jumped on a pile of laundry and cut his forehead on the side of the bed frame. Ayden was so self-conscious about the cut the next day he didn’t want to leave the house, said Benesh. ‘I kept asking him if I could see it under the Band-Aid and he kept covering it,’ said Benesh. Then she got the idea to take advantage of Ayden’s love for dress up to help him embrace his cut. ‘I asked if he’d like to be Harry Potter,’ said Benesh. ‘And he said ‘Yeah!’’”

Failure embracing advocate JK Rowling would be proud.