Colgate pizza


Museum Day today. A chance for aficionados to embrace their failure appreciation. At the Museum of Failure in Sweden – “Sweden’s Museum of Failure: A spectacular catalogue of the world’s worst innovations”:

  • The Museum of Failure celebrates the absurd and hilarious wrong turns that companies have taken in their product development—from Colgate’s unappetizing beef lasagna, to Harley Davidson’s leathery-scented perfume, to Bic’s sexist “for Her” lady’s pen…In Helsingborg, Sweden, the museum seeks to de-stigmatize personal and professional failure.”

The main “galleries” will include…

  • Brand Over-Extensions – eg. Harley-Davidson Eau de Toilette, Coffee-flavoured Coke
  • Design – N-Gage phone that had to be dissembled to play games, Twitter Peek for looking at Tweets but didn’t show 140 characters.
  • Symbolic – Not themselves failures but emblematic of a larger failure which doomed the company such as Blockbuster DVD and Kodak pursuit of photo printing.