Coral Reef video

The Atlantic’s piece “A Coral Reef Revival” combined a bit of failure serendipity with failure positive impact to provide marine biologist with new insights to helping the world’s ocean coral reefs facing their own Anthropocene mortality

  • “To see that it took three years to get the size of something we thought would be worthwhile doing something with, that’s what got me disappointed that I literally took it off the higher level of the aquarium and put it on the bottom of the aquarium thinking that this was no longer a process worth pursuing. And when I went to move that one, it broke. And I thought that was really going to stress and hurt that coral. The few little polyps left behind I a pile of little in a little calcium carbonate skeleton – I think my statement was ‘These things are toast’. They’re not going to make it. Two weeks later, I went to check on it and the piece that had the dime sized hole in it had completely grown back to the size that it was previously. And that size dime took two years to produce from a larvae. That was incredible. So much so that even though the tank that it came from was only a few steps away, I literally ran back to the other tank where the other 3 polyps were left behind. They had also grown back and multiplied to a dozen or more polyps and were also back to the size of a nickel or a dime.”