Youre Fired

“I recommend that you all get fired – it’s a great learning experience.” – Anna Wintour

In adulthood, the consequences of failure seem all the more dire, but actually no less worthy of embrace. The penultimate failure (after mortality which is the ultimate tragedy no one wants to embrace) is job failure – termination…getting fired. Any yet, many people recount poignant stories about how such a jarring turn of professional events set their lives on remarkably positive directions…

  • Maria Hatzistefanis – Founder of global luxury skincare brand Rodial shares her story “Being Fired Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” (paywalled) – “I was shocked, but not surprised. ‘Oh my God, only losers get fired,’ I thought. ‘Am I a loser?’ For the first time in my life, I had no job, nor any idea of what I would do next. I panicked. But then something strange happened – after a few sad days, I accepted that they have done me a favour. I wasn’t right for the job, and sometimes things need to be taken out of your hands.”
  • Mika Brzezinski – National new presenter recounts her odyssey of being let go and enduring months of fruitless job searching in the piece “The Road Not Taken: How Getting Fired Boosted My Career” – “It took many more months, but I called every network known to man and begged for ANY job they had available. I found myself LEAPING at the opportunity to work a day rate, part-time, freelance job at MSNBC reading 30 second news cut-ins — a job I probably would have scoffed at 15 years prior. Eight weeks into working the ‘cut-in shift’ at MSNBC, Don Imus was knocked off the air for making unfortunate comments. MSNBC was on the hunt for a new morning show…I was back on the road again.”
  • John Lloyd – Television producer shared his termination in the article “Douglas Adams sacked me, then I changed ITV” (paywalled) – “In 1978, I’d resigned as a radio producer, partly to helped Douglas Adams write the first series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Then Douglas decided to write it on his own. But disaster turned out to be a gift.”

If you get “fired”, then get “fired up”.