Seth Godin - failure option

Happy Birthday Seth. One of my longstanding blog inspirations. Like King Friday XIII of Mister Rogers, Seth gives us the gifts on his birthday (at least through me sharing some of my favourite quotes from him on the embracing failure theme)…

  • Going faster doesn’t make you less lost. It’s okay to ask for directions. (Knowing you’re lost is half the battle.)” – Seth Godin, “Not all who are lost, wander
  • The only way is forward. Forward moves us from what we have now (perfect, or at least we’re no longer living in fear of what’s not right) to a world filled with nothing but imperfect. If you want motion, the only way is through. We get to the work we seek by passing through imperfection.” – The Road to Imperfection
  • You’ve permitted magical to walk on by. Not to mention good enough, amazing and wonderful. Waiting for the thing that cannot be improved (and cannot be criticized) keeps us from beginning. Merely begin.” – Seth Godin, “While waiting for perfect
  • One reason people who spend a lot of time thinking about and working on a problem or a craft seem to find breakthroughs more often than everyone else is that they’ve failed more often than everyone else.” – Stumbling Your Way to Greatness
  • The alternative to being a spectator involves failure and apparent risk.” – Watching vs. Doing – Confronting the Spectator Problem
  • Don’t curse the dead ends and the failures. They’re the key element of the work you’re doing. We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map.” – The Second Time you Create That Breakthrough