Disaster art 1

  • Turning fear into fun is the gift of creativity” – Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb

Failure has inspired artists for ages, but few more so than Isreali artist who looks to “disaster” and “catastrophe” for inspiration – “Eyal Gever: Israeli artist uses 3D printing for ‘disaster’ art”:

  • “You walk into Eyal Gever’s Tel Aviv apartment and you feel you have stepped into an idyllic scene from a glossy magazine; pristine modern furniture in an open plan arrangement, with a light sprinkling of children’s toys. Little do you know, metres below your feet terrible catastrophes are unfolding. Mr Gever is busy in his basement plotting disasters. Literally. On a typical day the programmer and digital artist spends hours meticulously recreating all manner of scenarios, from bus crashes and oil spills to tsunamis hitting skyscrapers, all using his self-designed 3D animation software, while family life carries on above him oblivious. ‘I’m like a serial killer,’ he says of his compulsion. ‘I detach my emotions and just look at the disasters in a research way, [focusing on] the physics and mathematics of it, I’m not judging it.’ Eyal Gever’s studio is adjacent to the room where he codes in his basement, ‘It is a search for the sublime," he says after a pause. "I’m trying to find the beauty in catastrophe.’"

Disaster art 2