Easter embrace

  • “Imagine that acceptable of vulnerability and ignorance is a precondition for growth. Imagine that confrontation with the terrible unknown, with its paralysing manifestations of tragedy and malevolence, is necessary to catalyse both wisdom and maturity…Even a small leaven of humility and courage engenders development and growth.”

Happy Easter! As I discussed before, Easter celebrates the principles behind embracing failure by exalting the glory of rebirth after one of the most horrific losses ever recounter. Psychologist Jordan Peterson elaborates on that perspective in his article “The bestselling author and clinical psychologist on why there’s still power in the Easter story

  • “If you face a crisis in your life brought about by a catastrophic failure, the new information that confronts you cannot be incorporates without the painful death of your previous conceptions, and all the awful realisations thus entailed. When something new emerges to confront you, what is old and anachronistic within must burn and die. It is very rare to learn something profound without suffering the unbearable catastrophe of dashed dreams and the soul-shaking terror of uncertainty and doubt…Things change, and each of us of must run as fast as we can, as Alice’s Red Queen has it, just to stay in the same place.”

May all your failures bring you lessons as sweet as a marshmallow chick and new beginnings as colourful as an Easter egg.