• · “I like the word fail, I like the word failure,” he told the audience. “It’s attention grabbing, but I don’t think it’s the word we mean. ‘We all have some terrific failures in our lives … When we teach kids to fail, what we’re really talking about is ‘it’s not going to work out the way you thought’ … and that’s life, that’s art, that’s everything.” – Mythbuster Adam Savage

Distinctions are just as important in the domain of embracing failure as in leadership and management. Maybe an important distinction with “Embracing Failure” is as much about the word “Embracing” word as it is about the “Failure” word. Jacob Morgan’s vlog explores this sematic nuance of why “embracing” (good) is not “encouraging” (bad):

  • · “When you talk about embracing failure…is giving some sort of structure in which failure can take place…You give them an opportunity to run with their ideas, and see what happens. And if it doesn’t work out, then, hey, then you learn from their mistakes. But that is not the same thing as just giving everybody free reign…That is actually encouraging failure. And that is actually going to lead to failure.”