Someone who took the failure to overcome his southern country accent of Austria as his break break to become one of the top film stars in the world is Arnold Schwarzenegger as he recently recounted on Graham Norton (7 minutes in):

  • “Before then I did ‘Conan the Barbarian’.  And the fear that I had was ‘was I going to be stuck in those kind of movies, Hercules movies and muscle movies?’.  Or can I cross over and become an action star.  With ‘Terminator’, that’s why I feel very passionate about the project and about the franchise because it really helped me to break out of that…When I wanted to become a leading man in Hollywood…they said ‘forget about it, Arnold.  We like you when we open up a health food store or something like that.  But you can never become a leading man because you have an accent.’  And then someone else would say, ‘You have too big of a body.  It would never work.’  ‘Terminator’ was one of those movies where Jim Cameron, during the promotion tour, said, if Schwarzenegger wouldn’t have had those muscles and if Schwazenegger wouldn’t have had this accent, to talk like a machine, it wouldn’t have worked.  So I said to myself, ‘Yes!  Finally I made this liability an asset’.”