Written by American-born British screenwriter and author David Wolstencroft, he is best known as the creator of the BAFTA award-winning TV spy drama Spooks. Here are a few teaser excerpts:

  • All work, and all life exist within an imperfect space. Showrunning a drama series means Embracing the Imperfect as a way of life. Do the best with what you have.”
  • The blunt truth about shows is that they are written three times over…where Murphy’s Law and life apply: you never have enough time, money, weather or healthy enough immune response to get where you’d love to go. Thirdly, you edit what you managed to salvage from the vagaries of production schedules to sew together a fully-operational story that moves, inspires, and excites.”
  • It’s often better to work with less than more. Too much choice makes you lazy. Too many options freeze the brain.”

That sentiment of embracing failure in artistic production is was echoed by another perspective shared by Hugh from Frank Zappa describing the culture of embracing failure by record producers in the sixties:

  • One thing that did happen during the sixties was some music of an unusual or experimental nature did get recorded and did get released. Now look at who the executives were at those companies at those times. Not hip young guys. These were cigar chomping old guys who looked at the product that came and said, ‘I don’t know. Who knows what it is?? Record it, stick it out. If it sells, alright’.”