Hotpoint freezer problem 2

A bit of an off-topic post about failure I don’t particularly embrace. But there doesn’t appear to be any other good place to post it on the web, and I want to at least exercise the ethos of my blog by learning from my mishap and sharing that lesson with others.

Our Hotpoint freezer (Type CV291W, Model VH8 FIC G UK 1) was making a rattling noise that seemed to be the fan. I defrosted it and it seemed to help, but a few days later the rattle was back. With no clear guidance that I could find on the web, I called the manufacturer’s support line.

From the outset, the support technician didn’t seem to interested in helping with the problem and seemed immediately convinced that the sound was a faulty fan. He quickly read through some options which made it almost imperative to purchase an extended warranty as they had priced the cost of a single repair visit more than the price of the warranty. The “technician” tried to upsell me on more years and more appliances to include quite enthusiastically, but I opted for the cheapest way to get my freezer fixed.

  • When the service technician arrived, he knew immediately what the problem was just looking at the model – a faulty design causing air to flow back into the unit and cause extreme frosting. First, he fixed the back-flow problem by removing the straight drain hose at the back of the unit (photo below) and replacing it with a looped hose (see photo above). The loop meant some water settled in the bottom of the loop which prevented air from flowing to the back of the unit. Second, he told us to defrost the unit for 48 HOURS! I had thought that our 3 hours defrost was sufficient, but it wasn’t even close. All that air backflow had produced a wall of ice in the unit that would take that long to fully defrost. Once we did that, the freezer never made another noise.
  • Shame on Hotpoint for the bad design.
  • Shame on Hotpoint for not providing information about the bad design on its support page.
  • Shame on Hotpoint for not providing information about the troubleshooting to its support reps.

Hotpoint freezer problem 1