Atomic Habits

It’s easier to build a new habit in a new environment.” – James Clear

I’m a big fan of the Sam Harris podcasts and especially enjoyed his conversation with James Clear about is book Atomic Habits. As the quote above highlights, this “new environment” of the coronavirus lock-down could present the sliver-lining of providing a completely shaken up “environment” in our lives to help uproot old habits. The personal time and energy that is not just freed up lately, but downright imposed, provides the opportunity to invest in new positive habits.

Coincidentally, Clear also shared some thoughts which echoed the Leadership and Management side of this blog. He talks about three Major Pillars Influencing our outcomes in life:

  1. Luck
  2. Habits (behaviours and actions)
  3. Choices (strategy)

He describes that you can’t do too much about luck, but that, “You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your systems” (adding that doing well with both of these does positively help your “luck”). He adds, “Your habits set your floor.  Your choices set your ceiling.” That quote implies the leader-manager distinction which also pivots on the maximise upside and minimize downside duality: “Leaders maximize your ceiling with good choices, Managers minimize your floor with good habits.”

[as it happens, my wife Lori was similarly inspired by the James Clear podcast for her own blog post related to voice therapy – “”Small, but Powerful: the benefits of atomic habits”.]