"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing you are not innovating." – Elon Musk in 2005 at the outset of his Space X venture

Happy Birthday Elon Musk! Musk seems like a modern icon of success having pioneered new technologies and new marketplaces. He has achieved the rare accomplishment of leading revolutionary companies which transformed their distinct industries. Steve Jobs’ SIC brace was founding Pixar which transformed entertainment, and Apple which transformed computing. But Elon Musk has pretty much achieved an industry hat trick transforming finance (PayPal), automobile (Tesla) and aerospace (SpaceX).

If you had any question about his embrace of failure along the way, check out the video (above) of launch failures assembled and published by SpaceX itself. And yet this parade of failures has led to one of the most successful commercial space launches in history – 60 Starlink internet satellites put in orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket on the 3rd of June. Lori and I were a couple of the millions to stared into the starry night to watch the eerie “space train” of pinpoints of light marching across the summer night sky.

And to top it all off, Elon recently joined the new season of “Rick and Morty” in a bit of fun-poking at his expense.