The Tour de France is another worldwide sporting event who has embraced holding back (crowds) for the sake of social welfare and safety. Just another smart tactical retreat to sacrifice a fine tradition and spectacle for the higher priority of saving lives. The throttling of activity evokes a similar moment of heroism in another cycle race:

  • · Incredible moment a cyclist REFUSES to overtake his rival after the athlete suffers a puncture near finish line Cyclist Agustin Navarro was coming fourth in contest in Cantabria, Spain But as he approached finish line, he saw his rival had suffered a puncture Ismael Esteban was sprinting toward line with his bike over his shoulders In touching move, Mr Navarro slowed down and refused to overtake rival Instead he rode behind Mr Esteban, allowing him to win the bronze medal Mr Esteban later tried to give the prize to Mr Navarro – but he refused it When cyclist Agustin Navarro’s rival suffered a puncture near the finish line of a big competition, it was the perfect opportunity for him to speed into third place and win the bronze medal. But in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Mr Navarro slowed down and refused to overtake competitor Ismael Esteban, following him as he ran along the road with his bike on his shoulders. Footage of the scene shows stunned spectators applauding Mr Navarro’s gesture and cheering the two men as they make it over the finish line – Mr Esteban, by foot; Mr Navarro, on his bike. This week, Mr Navarro, who has been praised by Internet users for his gentlemanly act, described how he braked ‘out of respect for somebody who had been superior in every moment.’ He told a local newspaper: ‘I don’t want to win like that. ‘To overtake him just before the finish line would have been unethical.’ Amazingly, a grateful Mr Esteban tried to give his bronze medal to Mr Navarro after the contest. However, his opponent stoutly refused the prize. Mr Navarro said Mr Esteban would have won the race had it not been for the two problems he had with his bike, adding: ‘Offering me the prize was worth more than what I did for him.’”

In the race to fight the global pandemic, many people are stepping back to take a loss for the sake of the bigger win that all of society life more safety.