Seth Godin - quitter

Knowing when you’re beat…

And, of course, what the entire world is watching at the moment…knowing when to give a concession speech. The peaceful exchange of power is often cited as one of the most critical functions of a healthy society. President Trump seems to admire and follow many things from Russia. Still, it is a bit ironic looking to Soviet Union for a role demonstration of democracy for the USA to emulate.

A rare interview with Mikhail Gorbachev by BBC’s Steve Rosenberg recounts the disintegration of the Soviet Union 25 years ago today where the Soviet leader reflected:

  • “We were well on the way to a civil war and I wanted to avoid that. A split in society and a struggle in a country like ours, overflowing with weapons, including nuclear ones, could have left so many people dead and caused such destruction. I could not let that happen just to cling on to power. Stepping down was my victory."

Many people are looking forward to Trump’s own “victory” speech in this vein.