• “The things that make me different are the things that make me, me.”—Piglet

More Milne wisdom this time from the mouth of Piglet reflecting on the failure of normality…whatever that is. Olga Khazan explores this theme in more depth in her piece “The unexpected benefits of being weird”:

  • People on the periphery of their environment often have surprising strengths, including creativity. What’s more, weirdos can develop ways to calm their social anxiety, break into the in-crowd, and get other people to embrace their ideas.”

For a collection of role models in this spirit, check out Buzzfeed’s, “People Who Won At Being Different”.

  • Any fool can be incrementally shinier than the next guy. If that’s your choice, fine, just don’t complain when you find out that nobody really notices, let alone cares. So get your weird on, this world needs it!”


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