• Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Eccentricities, oddities, weirdness…this is the “embracing failure” blog. Let’s not be afraid to call out that many are just plain flaws. And that’s not a bad thing as Seth explains in his post Idiosyncratic:

  • “So, which is more interesting: A vintage 1964 Porsche or a new Honda Civic? Which is a better car? If we think hard about the definition of ‘better’, it’s pretty clear that on almost every measurable performance metric, the Honda is a far better car. More reliable. A better value. Able to drive faster, longer, in more conditions. Better mileage. Safer. And on and on. So why do people pay more, talk more, gawk more at the other car? Scarcity isn’t the only reason. It turns out that perfection is sort of boring. Airbnb isn’t as ‘perfect’ as staying at the Hyatt (more variability, more ups and some downs) but it’s certainly more interesting…”

It’s one thing to admit that the hopeless pursuit of perfection is toxic. But it’s another to realise that even if you were ‘perfect’, you might be even more so with some flaws.

Sarah Milligan