Recycling day homes

Global Recycling Day today. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially for these creative architects have turned refuse into residences and debris into dwellings cover in the piece “These beautiful homes are actually made from trash”:

  • “This house, from top to bottom, is entirely made of garbage. Literally. the “Waste House” was designed by studio BBM’s director Duncan Baker-Brown, along with undergraduate students at the university. The walls are covered in used carpet tiles and are insulated with junk, including floppy discs and toothbrushes… The architects claim that the Waste House is the UK’s first permanent building constructed with garbage. The designers hope to inspire others, showing that “junk” can be used for so much more. Traditionally, these materials are undervalued. ‘“Foundations made from ground-granulated blast-furnace slag support a framework comprising salvaged plywood beams, columns and timber joists rescued from a nearby demolished house.’ The walls of the house are filled with 20,000 toothbrushes, 4,000 DVD cases, 2,000 floppy discs and two tons of denim offcuts. You can see the insulation through these ‘windows’.”

The creations remind me of some clever constructions I’ve come across in my other blog, Maldives Complete, such as Makunudu’s plastic water bottle spa.

Recycling day homes 2


Recycling day home 3