Electromechanical rotary damper

If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade. If the hard way ahead gives you potholes, then make some electricity to power your car. That’s the principle behind Audi’s new energy capture innovation”

  • “This is all accomplished by having a lever arm absorbing the motion of the wheel carrier, which is then transmitted to an electric motor via a series of gears. The electric motor then transforms this into electricity. On average, this system is able to pump out 100 to 150 watts. That varies depending on road condition. For example, a newly paved highway will generate as little as 3 watts, and a rough country road as much as 613 watts. According to Audi, this would translate to CO² savings of up to three grams per kilometer (4.8 g/mi). But this system doesn’t just store energy from potholes. eROT also makes your drive better. The system allows the dampers to adapt to the road conditions and the driver’s driving style.”