COVID silver lining

Not that I would wish a pandemic on anyone much less the entire world, in the spirit of embracing failure, it does turn out that the silver linings to the ordeal have been numerous. With the UK government declaring an end (well sort of) to the pandemic, we were reflecting on the overall impact of the past 18 months:


  • Grief – Friends lost to the affliction and many more who suffered considerably.
  • Social – Missing friends and family including 6 months not seeing the kids.
  • Fitness – Rowing, basketball, ballroom dancing, golf all eliminated.
  • Travel – Paralympics, Easter in Italy, skiing all cancelled.


  • Couple Time – Always precious in our busy lives.
  • Films – Got to see hundreds of movies we’ve always wanted to see.
  • Lori’s Career – Time to build her business and the shift to tele-treatment gave her more capacity (as opposed to an exhausting commute).
  • Projects – Backburner DIY, organisation and creative activities finally gotten around to.
  • Remote Working Shift – The new normal favours our lifestyle and workstyle (cf.  Dynamic Work UK)
  • Home Cooking – More time and effort to produce interesting home meals expanding our skills and repertoire.
  • Other Contagious Diseases Reduced – No colds, flu all year.
  • Politics – The virus, which is immune to propaganda, exposed the incompetence of the Trump administration freeing the world of that problem.


  • Financial – Impaired ability to network, but new roles came to both of us and our cost of living dropped (less commute, travel, dining out, shopping)

Now in reality, it is not the pandemic that had the silver lining, but the lockdown. The lockdown was some seriously hard to swallow medicine for this global malady. From that perspective, the very first upside was that the lockdown saved lives. But the process of stopping activity and halting standard routines and practices did spin-out these dividends which can start to compensate for the hardships suffered and costs borne. 

The title of this blog is “Turning Adversity to Advantage”.  the pandemic is the most profound adversity to affect the post-war generations.  So lets appreciate whatever advantages we can salvage from this ordeal.