• “A series of unfortunate events that somehow led to the best conclusion possible”

Sometimes unfortunate events aren’t a expansive as pandemics or the like, but even small events can have a huge ripple effects. And some times those small adversities can turn to major upsides.

JxmyHighroller is one of my favourite YouTubers with his insightfully geeky commentary into NBA performance. And his most recent episode, “How One Mistake Changed the Entire NBA” was as uncanny as it was quirky an exploration of failure gone good in the league.

JmmyHighroller walks through a number of misfortunes starting with when Anthony Carter’s agent “forgot” to fax a notice to the Miami Heat in 2003 so his contract lapsed resulting in Carter being let go and missing out on a $4 million final payment (his agent paid most of the lost wages to him over time). This seemingly cringeworthy mistake led to the Heat having the salary cap room for team president Pat Riley to sign Lamar Odom away from the Los Angeles Clippers. The following season Odom to the Los Angeles Lakers for Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal joined another dividend of misfortune, Dwayne Wade led the Heat to its first championship in franchise history.

At this time, the Heat had “tanked” to the bottom of the division and in their final game they faced another cellar-dweller, the Toronto Raptors. Each were vying for the worst record to in order have the best draft choice in a draft class rich with talent:

  • “The final game of the season came down to a ‘tank off’. And in the most petty game of the season, the Heat came out on ‘top’…So in the most poetic fashion imaginable, the team that out tanked the Heat picked [the highly rated] Chris Bosch with the 4th overall pick…Meanwhile the Heat had to settle for the 5th pick. And they got a young guy out of Marquette. Some 2 guard named Dwayne Wade..the face of their franchise for the next 13 years and the greatest Heat player of all time…It was the worst victory that a team could have at a time that ultimately turned it into the best victory.”