With Advent upon us, we will all be decking the mall with…failure. Well, at least the Mall of America has:

  • “This November, the Museum of Failure—a traveling exhibit of retail blunders, marketing catastrophes, and spectacularly bad ideas—kicks off its US tour at the Mall of America. If you never knew that the toothpaste brand Colgate launched frozen beef lasagna dinners in the ’80s, the Museum of Failure has the receipts: Its display includes the full-color waxed cardboard packaging. (Must have been that sus-looking ricotta that sent toothpaste lasagna to its grave.) The Museum of Failure originated in Sweden, and has since toured internationally in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Its producers couldn’t be reached at press time, but the exhibit has already created a fair deal of buzz. ‘Eighty to 90 percent of all innovation projects fail—everybody in the business knows this,’ says museum creator, psychologist and innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West in a travel video highlighting the museum. ‘Where are these failures? Companies sweep them under the carpet, and pretend they don’t exist. The Museum of Failure takes these failed products, puts them on display, so that everybody can learn from them’.”

If you can’t travel to Minnesota due to the pandemic or some other reason one of my favourite vloggers, Tom Scott, offers a video walk-through (see above).

One item that it out of stock (along with many other products from the brand) is “Trump – The Game” boardgame, but you can at least see it in the Museum of Failure (see bottom).

Museum of Failure


Museum of Failure 2