· “There’s no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times.” Jonathan Ive

Happy Birthday to the legend that is Steve Jobs. Probably the most frequently cited luminary on this blog. In this video ((minute 29:00) his design rotégé Jony Ive shares a story of Steve’s embracing “no” (thanks Steve):

  • “[Steve Jobs] beat me on the focus about 84 to 3…When you meet somebody who really knows how to focus, it’s quite remarkable. And the way that he would measure and help me to improve my focus score was to ask me ‘how many times did you say “no” today?’…And I would have these ‘sacrificial nos’ (and he would know that they were sacrificial no’s), but he would say ‘Come on Jony, how many things did you say ‘no’ to…that you really, really wanted to do?’…The discipline to turn your back on something you believe in passionately, but so that you can apply yourself to what is at hand, I think is remarkable.”