Writers failure

  • Your problem might not be that you don’t have enough good ideas. You problem could be that you don’t have enough bad ideas.” – Seth Godin

International Book Day today. Embracing failure is part and parcel of the artistic world both as a subject of art and a rite of passage for most artists. J K Rowling’s Harvard Commencement speech, which I happened to be at for my 25th Reunion, is one of the more prominent examinations of artistic adversity recently. Rebecca Brown posted a piece, ‘Failure: An Appreciation’, in The Stranger which highlighted numerous literary examples (as well as story synopses of parables on the theme including the stories of ceramic artist Young Sook Park and ‘the First Cedar Basket’)…

  • “’The Fiddler,’ written in 1853, was one of a number of works dealing with the theme of ‘failure"—another was ‘The Happy Failure,’ another was ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener’—written by Herman Melville after the disastrous reception of his novel Moby-Dick.”

Happy reading (or unhappy perhaps).