• · “Whenever anything sucks, I like it! It’s going to make me tougher. It’s going to give me a good story to tell…It’s going to bring us together…You know how they make you form a bond in military training? They make you do stuff that sucks. Bootcamp! It’s a suckfest…So when something sucks…good!”

Another 5-letter word is the centerpiece of Jocko Willink’s speech to the troops which Hugh MacLeod highlighted this speech in his post “No Peril, No Reward”:

  1. When things start to really suck, he says “Good!” because when things suck it gives both the opportunity for one to get stronger and for the team bonds to get tighter.
  2. The strongest cultural bonds are built in times of greatest peril (eg. during times of actual combat).

Peril tends to do a few positive things: it drives innovation; it also creates intense collaboration and deep emotional connection. This is one reason why we will often see war metaphors in business. Lives might not be on the line, but the life of a product or organization might be.