Dilbert - Witchcraft


Speaking of charlatans, the latest hocus-pocus exploits confusion and anxiety about one of the biggest black boxes within a black box…the tax system within the economy. Scott Adams, not surprisingly, nails the myth-busting on this ‘alternative medicine’ for the economy…

The flat tax idea is a brilliant bit of psychological class warfare. At least I hope that’s what it is. I’d hate to think the people in the highest tax brackets, i.e. my peeps, are as dumb as the people they hope to screw with promises of unicorns and flat taxes. Another brilliant aspect of the flat tax argument is that it’s simple to explain, and our brains are wired to perceive simple solutions as better than complicated ones. In reality, the simplest solution is usually the one that comes from someone who is either trying to screw you or who isn’t capable of understanding the full situation.”

Adams goes on to share another embrace of failure that many a Mom has preached…”The world isn’t fair!”…

“The flat tax diversion is weasel-clever because it shines a light on the absurd ‘fairness’ argument coming from the folks who want to raise taxes on the rich. Fairness is an illusion our parents taught us as kids to make us stop fighting with our siblings over the appropriate division of candy. Fairness isn’t an objective quality of the real world.”

Any way, if you are into superstition and witchcraft, then you ought to be at least a little concerned that 9-9-9 upside down is ‘6-6-6’, the number of the Beast!