Just Divorced


It’s not just businesses that can actually ‘celebrate’ failure, but personal partnerships and contracts can sometimes best be broken rather than trudging on. And those occasions can be occasions for nearly as much celebration of opening a new chapter as the ritual of coming together.

The Sunday Times recently covered this rise of ‘Un-Marriage Parties’ (as the Mad Hatter might say) in their piece ‘Cake, gifts, T-shirts: It’s a Divorce Party’.

“Where once divorce inspired pity, it is increasingly being seen — once the tidal wave of emotion has subsided — as the opening of a new life chapter, if not to be celebrated, at least worth marking in some way. As a result, a divorce industry is springing up, offering services that mirror the buying bonanza of the cake, shoes and dress that accompanies a wedding. Party planners are waiting online to help put together the perfect “new you” celebration, complete with “Just divorced!” badges and sashes, and T-shirts bearing the legend “Free like a bird’.”

In fact, I thought I’d scan around for an appropriate graphic for this post and I had no difficulty in finding a range of suppliers jumping into this opportunity selling a range of ‘Divorce Reception’ paraphernalia like the balloons above. I guess I’m curious how the gift registry would work…do the guests register the stuff they want back?