The acclaimed movie The Wrestler portrays a vivid picture of the deep downsides one hits when one does not embrace the failure of one’s dreams. I wrote about the Death of Dreams a while back with the conclusion that as hard as it may be, one does have to let go of certain dreams.

The soothing balm to dying dreams is (a) savouring the memories, and (b) replacing them with new dreams. The star of the film and the ring, Randy ‘Ram’ Robinson has a bag full of both that he can embrace, but instead he turns to the seductive route of a bag of steroids, painkillers and other artificial enhancements to keep his fading dreams on life support.  He has adoring fans, a proud legacy, a job he can actually enjoy and do well at, the spark of a renewed relationship with his daughter, and even the long sought after love of his life.  And yet all are jettisoned for the sake of not letting the dream die.

In the end, he painfully plays out the pain and loss one can suffer when one doesn’t embrace failure.  Really painfully.  In fact, if you don’t let your dreams die, then they can kill you [spoiler clarification – I’m not actually saying that Randy dies in the end].