Gapingvoid - Creativity with Purpose


Science and art seem to be such discrete fields, and yet Seth and Hugh highlight a common ground with their call for ‘purpose’. As noted earlier by Seth, even failure embracing scientific and business experimentation needs to have an intention to it. Hugh MacLeod exhorts the same principle for art (and business for that matter which done right is just as creative as any artwork)…

  • Whether we’re artists, corporate managers, accountants or whatever, we all want to create; and we want to do it in a purposeful and meaningful way. I learned the hard way that, as agreeable an idea ‘Creativity for its own sake’ is, it’s not particularly sustainable, financially rewarding or emotionally satisfying over the long run.”

Hugh has inspired a number of posts across all the subjects I explore. In particular, he has a refined sense of balance across dynamic tensions. His ‘Sex and Cash’ concept is one of the best parts of his book “Ignore Everybody”. He has crafted a similar message in his post and art piece ‘Creativity with Purpose’.

Creativity is the ultimate upside. And not being “particularly sustainable, financially rewarding or emotionally satisfying” are major downsides. So for me, it parallels the Leader/Manager dynamic. Leaders create, Managers have purpose. Both together create meaningful art.